TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY by pat shannahan

My Sinar F1large format 4x5 film camera. 

My Sinar F1large format 4x5 film camera. 

I first started making pictures while traveling as a kid. I grew up in an Army family that traveled a lot and when we went places my folks would hand me the camera- I think to give me something to do.

I fell in love with developing my own film and making prints in high school.

I found photojournalism in college and have been lucky enough to make a career our of it. I have another website dedicated to filmmaking and photojournalism.

The camera is a great tool to explore the world with. I was shy, but the camera somehow made me able to talk to anyone and go headlong into any situation. It's been a wonderful way to see the world and has introduced me to countless people that have made me the person I am today.

I started off shooting film but moved to digital rather quickly- digital cameras were first adopted by newspaper photojournalist in order to get photos back to the newsroom for deadlines. I love what the digital cameras offer but I still enjoy shooting film from time to time and often while traveling.

For me, it's relaxing to hear the crank of the Hasselblad medium format camera. It's a moment of zen to be under a dark cloth focusing a 4x5 camera absorbed in creating and not paying attention to anything else. It's beautiful to see the creamy grain of a negative, the surreal feel of a photograph made with a pinhole camera or hear the "chunk" of a Hasselblad.

Shooting film, especially with the large format cameras, force you to slow down because it's so easy to mess up and not even know it until after the fact, but when it all comes together the results are striking.