About Melissa and Pat

(Patty+Melissa= Pattymelt.love)

Hello there! We are Pat (Patty) and Melissa (Melt) of PattyMelt! We are husband and wife living in the beautiful desert of Arizona. Pat is a videographer, photographer and documentary filmmaker; Melissa is an actor, Social Media and SEO strategist and owner of Fun Sized Production. Together we are bloggers, creators, traveling whenever we can and bringing  you to new destinations along with us- one story at a time.

We were married at the DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun Chapel in Tucson in 2017. In our time together we’ve been to Iceland, Italy, Hawaii, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles and all over Arizona- and that’s just the beginning.

Like you, we have 9-5’s, so we’re often weekend warriors following our call of wanderlust and curiosity to places filled with history, adventure, nature and really good food.  

Thanks for joining us. You can expect that we’ll try to get off the beaten path as much possible, we’ll try pretty much any food once and we love going places considered strange and unusual not just popular or pretty. Our favorite place to be is in the front seat of a car together on the road to somewhere new and we thank you for hitching a ride!

Tell us where you want to go next.